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You need your car AC very much in the summer. But when it fails to give you the needed cold air, it’s time to let it be checked. The summer heat can weaken the body and so it is necessary to have AC in your car. You cannot always stay in the refuge of a building with an AC installed in it. When you travel your car will be exposed to heat and you will feel it inside. No AC, pure discomfort.

It is summertime and you want to enjoy it! But traveling in your car that AC does not work well makes you think twice. Do not let it ruin your plans and have your AC fixed. That is our job! We would get it working well in a jiffy and you will be on your way to vacation. You do not want your vacation with your loved ones be delayed again because of your AC problem in your car.

There is a given comfort when you travel using your own car than the car of others. You can do whatever you like and feel at home. When you travel, you can sometimes fell that you miss your home. Your car is your other home! So make it comfortable for the whole family by making sure you have the icy air blowing while you enjoy the ride even if it is hot outside. Mobile Mechanic New Port Richey FL is here to help you and we are also offering wheel bearing replacement and power steering repair services.


About Our Services

Signs that you need to have your AC checked:

When the temperature of the air being blown by your cars AC is just slightly colder than outside; it is time for it to be tested.

When your AC function only when you are driving and not functioning when parked or not moving, you need an examination.

When the air being blown feels in the very low setting when in fact it is in the highest setting, this also calls for AC testing.

When the smell of the air being blown is unwanted like mold, better let it be checked.

When your AC blows warm air or when your heating system blows cold air.

When the defroster takes more time to operate or does not operate at all.


Why AC maintenance is important:

Try traveling in the summer months without an AC! That is how important is letting your AC be checked even if there is no evidence that something is wrong. The continuous use of your cars AC will cause some parts to deteriorate or weaken. The passage of time also has an effect on your car and that includes the AC system.

You do not know when you will experience failure of your AC that is why maintenance is important! A routine checked is appreciated by your AC! You can know when you need car AC repair service based on the results of your tests.

You do not want your son or daughter or parents to feel the heat while you head to school or home or to have a meal outside. That is why be sure that when you invite someone using your car, you will also have your cars AC running smoothly so you can all have a good time you are wishing to experience.

When you think of having fun, think also of your cars AC!

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Our Pricing and Bits of Info

If you are wondering about our price, do not be! We at Car AC Repair New Port Richey strive to provide reasonable prices so our customers could also be satisfied. Gaining loyal customers through affordable and good service is more important to us than a one-time transaction that could easily pass.

We had been building a good relationship in the community as the employee and owners are also from the area. Business and customers should have a well-balanced relationship. Come and let us build on that!

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Our mechanics are composed of residents of New Port Richey and within Florida. That is why you can get to know some local information and news from them while they fixed your car. They can arrive at your location in less time than you expected. They always have a vehicle to use so they could be on the action when called.

Car AC Repair in New Port Richey has been around for many years and we have encountered various types of clients. We have gained an understanding of how you want the work to be done. You can understand this when you will avail of our services.


How your AC system (and heating) is evaluated:

The blower and the AC internal controls are examined.

The hose, thermostat, pressure radiator cap, and the temperature of the radiator coolant are all checked and tested.

The compressor belts are inspected for any defect or leak.

Checking if the pressure of your AC meets the standards set by the manufacturer.

A pressure test on your cooling system would be conducted.


What is the meaning of retrofit?

Cars that had been manufactured before may need to be retrofitted. It means that it needs installation of a new refrigerant that is probably the R-134a. Most cars had been installed of the Freon as a refrigerant or serve as the cooling system. When it fails, the need for it to be replaced is needed and so new parts are installed. That is retrofitting of your cars AC unit. These two types of refrigerant cannot be mixed that is why new parts that accommodate it should be installed.

We offer this service to anyone in need of it. A retrofit may seem to be costly but when you consider the benefits of it, you will not think of the price. We also will give you an amazing discount whenever you come so you would know that it is not just for the sake of business.

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